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The College of Energy and Environment Science participates in the celebration of the issuance of the...

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Updated   27/11/2018 8:29 AM

On the occasion of the International Week of Reducing Lead with Dyes, Dr. Ibrahim Mehdi Abd, participated in the celebration of launching the national report on lead in paints used for household purposes in Iraq which was held by the Association - Together for the Protection of Man and the Environment - on the occasion of the World Week to reduce lead by pigments.


On the occasion of the celebration, a visit was made to the Center for Climate Change in the Ministry of Environment and a meeting was held  with Professor Hadi Hamdy and the Miss. Sahar to talk about completing the adaptation plan to meet climate change. The nomination of specialists from the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences was submitted to the IPCC Committee, a committee specialized in scientific aspect of climate change and ways of scientific confrontation of its effects.



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