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College of Energy and Environmental Science holds a lecture about the college and its scientific...

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Updated   27/11/2018 8:32 AM

The College of Energy and Environmental Sciences opens its first preparatory activities with the introductory lecture. On Thursday 8/11/2018 there was an introductory lecture by Dr. Abbas Hassan attended by faculty members with a number of students from the College of Energy Environmental Science and their families with students of the College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics in addition to the heads of the college departments.


The lecture aims to introduce the student to the importance of the labor market and the role of the students to build a strong foundation for their career, after that there was a lunch break for all professors and students on the gardens of the college. The professors praised the contents of the lecture and the need to circulate it to the scientific and engineering colleges because it contains a road map for the future of students scientifically and professionally to enhance the opportunity to find employment in the labor market, which was changed from the concept of quantum to the concept of quality for graduates of colleges.






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