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Brief Introduction EESCI Establishment

Due to the fierce competition and the high pace of industrial development in the field of finding sources of alternative energies from what is recognized by many researchers to pay attention to the so-called edges of science, especially the sciences that produce green energies called (environmentally friendly) and provide advanced knowledge of the latest technologies used in generating green energies including solar cells, wind energy, biofuels, biomass and natural gas and due to the the challenges the environment faces despite generation or production of green energies associated with the environment, environmental specialization is one of the greatest concerns of states and peoples at the present time. The establishment of the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences at Al-Karkh University of Science will contribute to the creation of environmental scientific knowledge.


The working cadres are interested in developing the college in finding the efficient ways of enabling students with high scientific efficiency and overcoming the difficulties that they face after graduation by relying on laboratories and professors with scientific experience and a bright boigraphy.


The college will also contribute in developing future plans within studies to ensure the achievement of the objectives of self-access after identifying the most important factors that will impede this development and in working on finding alternative solutions in order to crystallize those goals and then achieve them perfectly. The study is divided into several aspects including the first aspect (introduction, justification of the establishment of the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences, and beneficiaries of the development of scientific disciplines at our university).


The second aspect includes the feasibility study (marketing of the knowledge, technical, financial, economic, and social, environmental). The third aspect includes analyzing sensitivity to change. The fourth aspect is the analysis of the results of our study on the development of the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences at Al-Karkh University of Science for the academic year 2018/2019.

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