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Missions & Goals

The College of Energy and Environmental Sciences aims to prepare scientific cadres with expertise in the academic fields after graduation that develop environmental work. It aims mainly to provide scientific staff with the ability to implement technical projects including techniques used in generating green energies. The most essential justification to establish this college at the university is the  scarcity of this specialization in Iraq, especially in the neighboring countries in general.


The ministries and government institutions, as well as the ministries that have not been mentioned, will be able to benefit from the outputs of the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences, which includes two departments (Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energies). The minstries are shown below:

1- Ministry of Health and Environment

2- Ministry of Water Resources

3- Ministry of Industry and Minerals

4- The Ministry of Oil

5. Ministry of Works, Municipalities, and the Municipality of Baghdad

6- Ministry of Electricity

7- Ministry of Construction and Housing

8. Ministry of Education

9. Ministry of Agriculture

10. Ministry of Commerce

11. The Governorate Council

12. Research centers in all ministries

13. Iraqi universities and research centers in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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