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Department of Renewable Energy

Department of Renewable Energy




The deartment aims to provide students with advanced studies and with advanced knowledge on the latest technologies for clean power generation. These technologies include renewable solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, Biological mass, natural gas and geothermal, and others.




The vision of the college is to create a knowledge product in the fields of energy science and renewable energies through the development of a distinguished academic program having high quality and linking together the task of teaching, training, and research between the Iraqi universities and regional ones. It also aims to provide the community with distinguished graduates who are able to cope with the changes and developments that are taking place in the world and to contribute to the development of our scientific, health, industrial and environmental institutions in solving the problems in a way that is in line with the vision of the university to develop the department.




The Department of Renewable Energy seeks to achieve the mission of the university in building a research educational institution that is capable of keeping abreast of the continuous development with the basic sciences and their various applications:


1- Preparing generations of workers and scientists in scientific, research, educational and industrial centers.

2. Providing the best educational services for students in the field of specialized science studies during the bachelor stage to provide them with the skills required in specialization through educational programs in accordance with international standards.

3. Contributing to training and development taking into account the continuous modernization of educational programs and research.

4- Playing an effective role in community development through training, awareness, consultation and interaction programs between the department and society.

4 - Working to create and develop academic relations between local and regional universities through the scientific and cultural exchange.

5 - Deepening national loyalty and preserving the principles of society and noble human values ​​to serve in the production of the clean environment.



Department Goals

The department seeks to achieve the following strategic goals:


1- Keeping abreast of the global development in all scientific fields, especially in the fields of energy sciences and renewable energies.

2. Providing society and state institutions with scientific and technical expertise in the field of energy and renewable energy sciences as well as develoing the scientific, health and environmental institutions of the state.

3 – Raising the level of performance and quality to reach the stnadards of the developed international universities.

4-Developing and updating the scientific curricula in both theory and practice in line with the development

5 - Training and development of competencies for students, teachers and researchers.

6. Finding solutions to contemporary environmental problems.

7. Investing in energy research and sustainable development to develop industry in various fields such as medical, chemical, food and industries and other related research on renewable energies in Iraq.

8 - Supporting the activities of the community through the establishment of seminars and scientific conferences and practical courses in

various fields of energy science and renewable energy.

9 - Cooperation with the various departments of the state to promote the field of health, environment, industry and agriculture by providing scientific expertise and research results to be applied on the ground.

11- Seeking to promote society by broadening the general outlook on the importance of energy science and renewable energy in solving many of the health, environmental and industrial problems.



Study and Certificate System Granted

The period of study in the department is four calendar years including the two-week spring holidays.

The summer break is two months long and the study system in the department is based on semesters unless it is necessary to change.

The system is in accordance with the corresponding education policy. The department grants a bachelor's degree in renewable energies.

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