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Department of Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences




Due to the great challenges the environment faces at all levels, whether local, regional or global, and environmental, the specialization has become a major concern of countries and peoples at present. The establishment of the College of Energy and Environment at Al-Karkh University of Science will contribute to the establishment of academic knowledge, which means study environmental risks, finding solutions, and developing appropriate solutions through the preparation of specialized environmental cadres in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Pollution, whose main objective is to serve the community by adapting theoretical and practical experiences applied to conduct environmental tests necessary to protect and improve the environment. The aim of the Department of Environment is to strive to achieve a distinct level in theoretical and practical educational fields. Environmental specialization is one of the most important disciplines in the civilized world. It is the most urgent and essential of the times. The department seeks to provide a suitable scientific and applied environment that is in line with the requirements of global environmental protection.



Deartment Goals

1 – Preparing environmental cadres specialized in environmental issues and working to diagnose environmental problems and on finding appropriate solutions.

2. Conducting specialized scientific research in the field of the environment to address problems and find appropriate solutions that address them.

3. Establishing cultural and academic relations with colleges, centers and departments related to environmental issues.

4. Establishing cultural and academic relations with regional and international environmental organizations and centers.

5. Establishment of environmental awareness courses for the private and public sectors.



Job Description: Environmental Sciences



Career Opportunities

The graduate of environmental sciences has many suitable career opportunities in many fields, most notably the field of research Development, health, environmental monitoring, environmental improvement and working in non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Additionally, public sector companies need graduates having environmental studies for advisory purposes. There are also job opportunities in the areas of commercial petroleum services, surveys, regulation of water resources, health and safety, and others.



Study and Certificate System Granted

The period of study in the department is four calendar years, including the two-week spring holidays The summer break is two months long and the study system in the department is based on semesters unless it is necessary to change.  The system is in accordance with the corresponding education policy. The department grants a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences.

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